Black Hills, South Dakota, U.S.A

A nascent educational permaculure farm

In December 2016 we bought our little farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota after more than 7 years of dreaming. Now we are slowing bringing our vision to life. While we are originally from South Dakota, we currently live and work in Portland, Oregon (to finance our farming habit). We hope to move back to South Dakota in the near future, but in the meantime, this site exists to document our projects and our progress.

Origin story

A journey from dream to reality.

about us

The people building the dream.

A special place

Between a sea of grass and sacred hills.

Use the scroll arrows an the photos below to take the tour!

Looking east from water tank hill

Looking south from water tank hill

Water tank hill

Hillside orchard

Solar shower in the hillside orchard

1920s Farmhouse

View from the main garden to the farmhouse

Orchard between water swales and the main garden

Orchard between water swales


The "Cantaloupe" Garden

Pollinator meadow orchard

Click on the video to watch a timelapse of the property from 2017-present (if the video has trouble opening in Firefox, try Chrome or Safari)


These are many of the projects that we have worked on in the past 7 years.


Don't be a grumpy gus...Be an asparagus!


Our latest work in progress


From playhouse to guesthouse


The Fruits of Our Labors


Bounty From the Earth


Tanks, Swales, and More


There Are More Than Toads At Toad Hollow