The first all-hands-on-deck project we chose to do was a bit of a necessity. In the summer of 2018, Les and Cindy were preparing to sell their house in Hill City, South Dakota (the first step in moving down to the homestead where they currently reside). In Hill City was the cabin, which Les had built by hand when the Gonyers lived in Upper Lake, California in the late 1990’s. The cabin, originally designed to be a playhouse, is essentially a giant Lincoln Log structure which can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. This had occurred once previously with the Gonyer’s move from Upper Lake to Hill City. Now it was time to move the cabin from Hill City to Hot Springs…

The first step was disassembling the cabin and moving the pieces into a U-Haul truck for transport down to the homestead.

Once we had taken the whole dang thing down and transported it to the homestead, we had to put the whole dang thing back together again.

But eventually all the king’s soldiers and all the king’s men (and a multitude of family and friends) got the cabin put back together again. The hope is to someday use the structure as a guest cabin (after we install a real door and a few other amenities…). Until then, it looks nice in the background of photos.