Water Tanks-Placement


Before we could place the tanks we had to prepare the sites. We measured the size of each pad, scraped away the vegetation, leveled the ground, and then added rock and sand to create a solid and stable surface. We originally planned for three tanks up top (thus the three pads in the photo), but then decided to place two on top and one down below, closer to the house.

The three 3,000 gallon tanks arrived on a flatbed trailer from Texas in April of 2021.

Once we got the tanks down, we worked on rolling them into position. Despite their size, they were relatively easy to move on the flat ground. It still took three people to make it work.

The first tank was destined for a spot between the house and the garage. Once we got it close enough, we were able to push/lift it into its final position.

That first tank on the flat ground was the easy one. The other two tanks needed to be moved up the hill. See the system page for the reason why we wanted the tanks up high.

We were able to roll the tanks to the base of the hill easily enough. We contemplated different ways to get the tanks up the hill. Driving them up, using a crane, and using a helicopter were all considered and subsequently rejected.

Ultimately Kristy and Les came up with the following procedure:

  • Put the tank onto two plywood boards to keep the bottom of the tank from being damaged
  • Tie a strap around the tank
  • Attach the other end of the strap to a hand crank pully system whose other end is anchored to a tree
  • One person uses the hand crank to slowly winch the tank uphill while the others push and make sure everything stays attached
  • As the tank moves off one piece of plywood, pick up and move that piece in front of the other plywood piece
  • Once the pully reaches the end of its line, untie from the strap and move a bit more uphill
  • Repeat the procedure over and over until the tank is on top of the hill


Nathan had doubts. Kristy was convinced it would work. It was tedious and slow going, but Kristy was right.

Les, Cindy, Kristy, Nathan, and Alan through patience and sweat were able to move the tank uphill…on uneven ground…past trees, yuccas, and rocks…twice. Watch the slideshow below to see the progression of work.

Now that we got all three tanks in place, it was time to weatherize them to get them ready to withstand the elements. You can read more about that here: Water Tanks-Weatherizing